Featured Event

2022 Audition and Cognition Summit | Dallas, Texas

This 7-CEU Summit will cover 4 main topics from top experts in the field. Audition & Cognition by Dr. Douglas L. Beck, Au.D., Neuroscience by Dr, Keith Darrow, Ph.D., Cognitive Screenings by Dr. Jill Davis, Au.D., and Cognitive Impairment by Dr. Jed Grisel, MD. You don’t want to miss this!


Thursday, October 13th | 9AM CST








Upcoming Events



The Marketing Methods with Jared

This free 12-week webinar gives you insight into the marketing methods behind the highest rated hearing healthcare practice in America. Peek into Jared Brader‘s mind as he shares situations and real world scenarios where he got creative in his marketing to help more of the 42 million Americans with untreated hearing loss.


Thursdays Weekly (Ends 11/3) | 4PM MST | Virtual



Establishing Trust & Authority in Hearing Healthcare

This 1.5 hour CEU course will explore the patient’s perspective and the psychology behind the fear of hearing healthcare and how we can break through to treating more patients. Specifically, we will cover 5 principles: building trust, becoming the authority, providing affordable, proven treatment, and philanthropy.


3PM EST | Virtual



Marketing the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss

This full-day event, including 4 CEUs approved by both AAA and IHS, will introduce your private practice to the benefits of adopting the medical treatment of hearing loss in everything you do – from marketing to patient care. Including, how to integrate lease to increase your treatment rate, offer continuity of clinical care, and collect recurring revenue.


9AM-3PM MST | In Person - Utah



Start More Treatments Workshop

Join Reese Jones in St George, Utah as he discusses the key elements of success to start more treatments. This workshop includes strategies to sign more cash pay patients, overcoming objections, new patient treatment processes, properly coordinating with your team, and a few bonuses!


12/1-2 ALL DAY | In Person - Utah



ABC’s of Best Practices for Private Practice Audiology: Auditory. Balance. Cognition.

Join Dr. Keith Darrow and Dr. Richard Gans as they talk about the the three major components for private practice audiology. This event will provide insight into the best practices for you as hearing healthcare professionals to fully integrate Audition, Balance & Cognition into your clinics.


12/2-3 ALL DAY | In Person - Florida



Hearing Loss & the Increased Risk of Falls

In this 1-hour CEU event, we will discuss all of the risk factors for falling, what questions to ask, and how to convey the importance of treating hearing loss and tinnitus to reduce the risk of falls. We can help our patients understand their fall risk and provide them with simple, affordable, means to reduce their risks.


11AM EST | Virtual