Dr. Terri Edwards, Au.d.



Dr. Edwards contributions in the field have seen her in ENT Offices, to owning and growing a private practice, participating as a member of Audigy, mentoring two great audiologists in her practice, and most recently being coached by Jared Brader and the team at AuDExperts as she doubled her practice in the last 3 years by leading the highest rated audiology practice in Parker County, Texas.  Other awards include multi-year recognition as a ‘Provider of Distinction,’ ‘Outstanding Practice Achievement Award,’ and ‘National Achievement of Excellence!’  If you ask her which of her awards and recognition is her favorite, she will name her receipt of the Jim Collins Operational Effectiveness award, and the ’10Xer’ principles of fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and productive paranoia.


Dr. Terri Edwards, Au.D., elevates her impact on the field of audiology and hearing healthcare as she joins AuDExperts as a trainer for audiologists and hearing specialists across the world.