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When is it? Once you request the call, Jared’s Top Business Strategist will reach out to you by email and text to schedule a time that works for you both.

Where is it? Join from your laptop/desktop/phone once scheduled.

Who’s doing it? You’ll be on the call LIVE with Jared Brader and his top strategist Morgan Hutchings.

Why should I be there? To answer any questions, concerns, or issues that you may want to address in your practice so that you can run a practice that provides the life, love, and the legacy you’ve wanted since day one.

What’s it all about? A 5-step conversion journey to grow your practice. Full details below.

Best Practices from 10+ Years of Rapid Growth, 3x Inc. 5000 Recognition, and growing from $437,000/year in revenue to a community that treats over 4,356 patients per year!

When you understand the prospect to patient journey, you unlock unlimited growth potential for your practice.

Since 2010, my marketing system has grown to over 4,536 patients treated per year (during a pandemic) because we’ve tested and tracked our marketing experiments in our practice to figure out what works.

During this call, I’ll be happy to answer your questions and share what has worked in my practice ownership journey. See you there!

-Jared M. Brader, MBA

During This Free Live Phone Call, Ask and You Shall Receive:

The Five Stages of the Patient Journey. In order to turn more leads into patients, you have to understand the path taken by those seeking your service or product. We’ll break down each of the 5 stages of this marketing funnel, and show you 1 way you can strengthen each of them.

Our Top List Building Strategies Revealed. Your #1 business asset in marketing is your list and your relationship with it. Convert more of the 42 million into leads and you instantly boost your business. We’ll peel back the curtain to show our favorite “lead magnets” you can create in minutes, and the surprising places to offer them.

Best Practices for Turning Your New Leads into Customers. Getting them on your list is just the beginning. We’ll give you a 4-part nurture marketing campaign that entices them to start treatment. 

Optimize a “Forgotten” Campaign for More Traffic and Sales. Your marketing likely has 2 sorely neglected offers/pages that are actually harming your conversions. We’ll show you how to turn 1 of those pages into a traffic generating and sales producing machine.

Take the Tech Headaches out of the Picture. You no longer need to rely solely on webmasters and freelancers who have never run a private practice before. We’ll show you our top producing vendors and why we love them so much.

Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded call. Join us live and we’ll answer your conversion funnel marketing questions or anything specific to your practice or needs.