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Meet The Coaches Of AuDExperts

AuDExperts is a private coaching and consulting company serving over 1,300 audiology and hearing specialists throughout the world. Our coaching clients visit us in St. George, Utah or Worcester, MA for practice management, custom marketing plans, employee training, and marketing automation consulting services. AuDExperts offers customized practice analysis and integration of proven marketing strategies that earn no less than a 5:1 ROI to help doctors build the private practice of their dreams. Affiliation with AuDExperts is by INVITATION ONLY, as we accept a limited number of clients each year – and we will only work with 1 client per regional market. All proceeds from AuDExperts go to support The Sound of Life Foundation and the Healthy Hearing Foundation (Jared Brader and Dr. Darrow’s 503c non-profit organizations) — treating adults and families with hearing loss and living with the increased risk of developing cognitive decline and Dementia.

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Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, CCC-A
NeuroScientist & Audiologist
AuDExpert of Treatment and Education

dr keith darrow audexpertsDr. Keith Darrow, our Director of Audiology Research at Hearing & Balance Centers of New England, is a Harvard Medical School & M.I.T. trained audiologist. In addition to his extensive training in audiology, Dr. Darrow’s expertise includes a Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. Thanks to his unique background, considerable knowledge, and notable experience, Dr. Darrow provides the research, understanding, and training needed to diagnose and treat your or your loved one’s hearing impairment properly. His approach to hearing rehabilitation has improved lives not only for patients at our Worcester hearing center (serving Worcester, Sturbridge, Leominster, Milford, Shrewsbury, Holden, Paxton, Sterling, Auburn, and Leicester, MA), but also for patients of numerous other audiology practices throughout the country.

Experience & Expertise

      • Founder of Hearing and Brain Centers of New England, which specializes in the diagnosis of hearing loss, the brain’s auditory processing capability, and assessment of your cognitive load (i.e., quantifying how hard your brain must work to hear when there is background noise.)
      • Research Associate at the Eaton Peabody Lab at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he works on auditory physiology and auditory prostheses.
      • Professor of Hearing Science, Audiology, Research, and Assessment and Treatment of Balance Disorders at Worcester State University.
      • Nonprofit Sound of Life Foundation board member
      • M.I.T. & Harvard Medical School training in NeuroScience

Dr. Darrow’s research, treatment methods, and quality of hearing care can be experienced by working with the trained team of hearing specialists at our Worcester hearing center. In addition, you can request to attend seminars or workshops conducted by Dr. Darrow throughout the year.

Publications & Awards

Featured Interviews

      • Fox News
      • Charter TV
      • iHEART Radio
      • The Huntsman World Senior Games Radio
      • Worcester Telegram and Gazette
      • Holden Landmark

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Jared M. Brader, MBA
Private Practice Owner
AuDExpert of Marketing Systems

jared brader of audexpertsJared Brader, our Marketing System Guru, is a Strategic Marketing MBA who owns and operates an $8.7 million dollar audiology empire in the Intermountain West. In addition to his extensive experience running his own hearing health care practice, Jared’s expertise includes being the only private practice owner certified in Marketing Automation. Jared is a speaker, teacher, author and business strategist for hundreds of doctors, audiologists, and hearing specialists located throughout the United States and Australia. He writes and edits five newsletters monthly, is a director of the Sound of Life Foundation for adults at with increased risk of Dementia due to hearing loss and operates a large multi-doctor, multi-clinic, audiology practice throughout the Intermountain West. He is a champion of the private practitioner and has a long track record of helping audiologists transform their practices and increase their impact on their families, employees, communities and the profession of audiology. His audiology marketing campaigns have generated over $100 million in revenue for his clients and privately-held practices. When he is not working, you can find him at a beach house, swinging a golf club at an exclusive resort, or sky-rocketing his next business venture.

Experience & Expertise

      • Owner and President of Intermountain Audiology, which specializes in the diagnosis of hearing loss, the brain’s auditory processing capability, and assessment of your cognitive load (i.e., quantifying how hard your brain must work to hear when there is background noise.)
      • Certified by the Institute of Coaching at McClean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate
      • Founder and Board Member of the Nonprofit Sound of Life Foundation

Jared’s research, marketing methods, and quality of hearing care practices can be experienced in his own hearing clinics in the Intermountain West (where he has sent over 4 million eMails, Postcards, Letters and Informational Packets with an investment of his own money exceeding $4.3 million dollars), or with his private coaching clients throughout the world. In addition, you can request to attend seminars or workshops conducted by Jared throughout the year.

Publications & Awards

      • Author of Amazon’s #1 New Release in the Audiology Industry, “The Renegade Audiology Mindset Shift”
      • Advisor to Dr. Keith Darrow’s Patient Focused Amazon Best-Seller, “Stop Living in Isolation”
      • Honored as the Top 40 Under 40 Individual for Community Contributions through the Sound of Life Foundation
      • #1 Audiology and Hearing Health Care Clinics in Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada
      • Intermountain Audiology is listed on Inc. 5000 2018 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Featured Interviews

      • Oticon Marketing Bootcamp
      • The Spectrum
      • St. George Health and Wellness

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Dr. Kimberly Bashaw

kimberly bashaw of audexpertsAs a Doctor of Audiology and AuDExperts Certified Trainer, Dr. Kimberly Bashaw is leading the movement to medically treat hearing loss across the country. By working alongside the team of hearing health care specialists at the Hearing & Brain Centers of America; including, Neuroscientist Dr. Keith Darrow, Ph.D., Brain Fitness Specialists, NeuroTechnology™ Treatment Specialists, and the entire patient experience team Dr. Bashaw is able to help her fellow hearing health care professionals focus on the medical treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders and the associated cognitive impacts.

Dr. Bashaw’s instinctual strength is described as ‘Strategize’ by Kathy Kolbe, the world’s leading authority on human instincts. Dr. Bashaw continues to analyze, evaluate, and develop the team at Hearing & Brain Centers of America, and make the world a better place by promoting the improved lives of patients each and every day.

Her impact on our organization, the profession, and the world includes:

      • Protégé of Dr. Darrow, PhD, the only M.I.T. and Harvard Trained Neuroscientist in America practicing in the field of Audiology, as part of the Excellence in Audiology Movement which focuses your hearing loss treatment on sound medical and neuroscience necessity rather than traditional hearing aids.
      • Trainer of hearing healthcare providers across the country, promoting restored hearing clarity for thousands of individuals
      • Developing and implementing training materials utilized by audiological clinics all over the country
      • Rising star among her peers and leading change agent among her fellow Doctors, as a Member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
      • Expert in the proven Treatment Dominos Process and Phone Conversion Toolkit

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Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About AuDExperts
We are just getting started but so far the results are impressive.

Tim Winstead, AuD
AuDExperts has helped grow our practice exponentially since we've been able to automate a very personal relationship. I can't wait to see what the next phase of our relationship with AuDExperts will bring!

Amy Sapodin, AuD
We just started working with Jared and can only tell you results: Our June was double that of last June!

Thomas Schwartz, Co-Owner
Jared is a marketing genius! He is one of the most talented business owner/consultants I know.

Kamal Elliot, AuD
I recommend Jared and his system for any audiologist looking to finally capitalize on their clinic, by freeing up time to help patients, visit family, and reduce the "burn-out" so many of us have felt over the last 20 years.

Jeff Manwaring, M.S., FAAA
We hired Jared to transform our marketing approach after unimpressive runs with large buying groups and "industry experts" and he did just that.

Molly LeRoy, AuD
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