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Monthly Marketing Programs

Hi, this is Dr. Darrow co-founder of AuDExperts, the champion of private practice!

AuDExperts was started to help the private practice owner use PROVEN Marketing Strategies that Will Make You the “Obvious Choice” in Your Market so that you can Attract More New Patients and keep more of your current patients (and get them to upgrade treatment sooner!).

Very simply put – every marketing piece we share in our monthly Loud & Clear marketing program is tried and has a proven ROI. After keeping all of these marketing tips ‘close to the sleeve’ for so many years, we decided that would share them with you, and the details of WHY AND HOW to use them, month after month in our Loud and Clear program.

Let’s break this down in to the 2 most important things your practice needs to thrive:


When we each get too busy running our practice, we tend to lose sight of these two goals.

Generate 250+ new leads per month:

Let us start with growing your funnel and increasing your marketing presence. I don’t care where you live – no matter how small your town is – you need to be generating a minimum of 200 leads per month! I live and practice in small-town Central Massachusetts – and we bring in over 250 leads nearly every month.

Each AuDExpert on our team owns and works in a private practice – so we know, first-hand, the need for more new patients – and we know how to get them!

What does your marketing say about you? Are you hiding your true value behind a widget? Is your compassion, love for treating hearing loss, somehow being covered up by your current marketing strategy? Are you speaking to the patient about them – or is it all about you?

I have yet to meet a private practice owner who hasn’t said ‘I want to be known as the EXPERT in hearing health care in my community’. Yet, I HAVE NOT MET a private practice owner whose marketing message aligns with their stated goal. Free turkeys, buy one get one, free batteries, and perhaps the most offensive, the 7-DAY TEST DRIVE! Each one of us, every practice out there, from phones team to clinical providers, is better than this – yet we don’t let people in our community know about it. Our marketing dollars must be spent wisely – or we are simply wasting them. The Loud & Clear Marketing program has SPECIFIC examples that we WANT YOU TO USE. We will give you our marketing strategies, tell you WHY to use them and HOW you can use them. We will even share some of our secrets on how we begin treatment on 8 out of 10 of every new patient in our practices.

Increasing the Value of Your Current Patients:

Your relationship with your list is the MOST valuable asset in your practice.

We need to build, and maintain, a strong relationship with each and every patient in our database. This will INCREASE THEIR LOYALTY AND VALUE to the practice, and will assure you are able to PROVIDE THEM WITH THE BEST, CONSISTENT CARE.

Virtually every private coaching and mastermind client that we have (which pays us upwards of $40,000 per year to grow their practices) asks the same question:


And we have the same answer every time – ‘tell us what you are doing to nurture your patients after their initial investment’. And the usual response is a blank stare. No – It is not enough to see a patient 1-3 times per year (for annual tests and clean and checks). You need a system that helps you market to and nurture the relationships you have with your current patients so they UNDERSTAND the importance of treating hearing loss and changing their treatment program every few years.

The nurture programs we cover in our monthly Loud & Clear marketing programs are worth millions of dollars to every practice. Imagine if your practice upgraded EVERY patient between year 3-4, and you didn’t have to work hard at doing it?

If you analyze our patient list and the relationship we have with that list, it is exhaustive. Emails, newsletters, postcards, phone calls, social media posts, contests, hand-written thank-you cards, social events, movies, dinners, etc., all of which guarantee that the current patients in our practice keep us front-of-mind when it comes to receiving exceptional care (and when their friends and family need that same exceptional care!)


The biggest secrets in our marketing system
(responsible for an extra $2.5 million in our practice last year)
are now available in the exclusive Loud & Clear monthly marketing program
for successful doctors like you!


The system we share in the Loud & Clear Marketing program will provide a consistent flow of new patients and current patients investing in your practice. The marketing we share will easily help you establish Trust and Authority in your market and attract only the best new patients – and charge what you want for your services.

Effective marketing isn’t a matter of putting together a bunch of information about you and your office and calling it a day. It definitely is not about discounting your fees.

Every single piece of marketing we share with you in the “Loud and Clear Marketing Program” has been tested and proven to return a 5:1 return on investment, or higher. For example, 28% of our new patients are referred from existing patients – and we will share with you the marketing strategies of how we do this.

The Loud and Clear Marketing Program is the proven monthly formula for what you need to have in your practice to generate new patients, nurture existing patients and stimulate referrals.

We want you to enjoy a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of the Loud & Clear Marketing Program – and we will even include 6 Free Months of Marketing Materials in your first delivery.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD
Jared Brader, MBA

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Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About AuDExperts
We are just getting started but so far the results are impressive.

Tim Winstead, AuD
AuDExperts has helped grow our practice exponentially since we've been able to automate a very personal relationship. I can't wait to see what the next phase of our relationship with AuDExperts will bring!

Amy Sapodin, AuD
We just started working with Jared and can only tell you results: Our June was double that of last June!

Thomas Schwartz, Co-Owner
Jared is a marketing genius! He is one of the most talented business owner/consultants I know.

Kamal Elliot, AuD
I recommend Jared and his system for any audiologist looking to finally capitalize on their clinic, by freeing up time to help patients, visit family, and reduce the "burn-out" so many of us have felt over the last 20 years.

Jeff Manwaring, M.S., FAAA
We hired Jared to transform our marketing approach after unimpressive runs with large buying groups and "industry experts" and he did just that.

Molly LeRoy, AuD
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