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Private Coaching & Consulting Application

Private coaching services is a customized consulting service to initiate, implement, and foster an organizational mindset that will drive both employee and patient engagement. Our AudExperts Team will take you on a strategic journey, beginning with a mindset audit and ending with practical strategies and best practices to continue to grow your organization’s mindset, processes, and capabilities. Our services are customized for each client and practice, both big and small, to best unlock each organization’s ability to differentiate and dominate.

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* Please be advised, your call will take place precisely at the assigned time and will end exactly at the scheduled end time, even if you are in mid-sentence. If you are not prepared for the call or you are late to answer, your call duration will not be extended. There will be another client starting his or her call.

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Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About AuDExperts
We are just getting started but so far the results are impressive.

Tim Winstead, AuD
AuDExperts has helped grow our practice exponentially since we've been able to automate a very personal relationship. I can't wait to see what the next phase of our relationship with AuDExperts will bring!

Amy Sapodin, AuD
We just started working with Jared and can only tell you results: Our June was double that of last June!

Thomas Schwartz, Co-Owner
Jared is a marketing genius! He is one of the most talented business owner/consultants I know.

Kamal Elliot, AuD
I recommend Jared and his system for any audiologist looking to finally capitalize on their clinic, by freeing up time to help patients, visit family, and reduce the "burn-out" so many of us have felt over the last 20 years.

Jeff Manwaring, M.S., FAAA
We hired Jared to transform our marketing approach after unimpressive runs with large buying groups and "industry experts" and he did just that.

Molly LeRoy, AuD
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