About The Architect

Jared M. Brader, MBA
AuDExpert in Marketing Systems

Famed audiology practice owner, industry speaker/presenter, and private practice consultant; Jared Brader entered the hearing care industry 6 years ago and took his market, and the industry on a ride never enjoyed before….Jared wakes up every day to a thriving private practice, encompassing 4 unique brands, that he catapulted from $400,000/year to over $5 million in under 5 years in a market with a practice to prospect ratio of 1 to 1,000.

His goal couldn’t be more clear, and neither his results: To revolutionize the business of modern hearing healthcare practices by creating a systemized set of processes, procedures, and marketing automation that will transform the hearing industry, liberate practice owners, and increase the amount of people receiving quality hearing healthcare.

Professional Training Team

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD,
AuDExpert in Education

Dr. Kamal Elliot, AuD,
AuDExpert in Training

Automation and Support Team

Marjorie Clark
Practice Success Manager

Steve Ruesch
Creative Director

Erik Sorenson
Marketing Fulfillment